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  • Gasoil or Diesel – used mainly in heavy duty equipment such in mining, manufacturing, agriculture and transportation.
  • Gasoline or petrol – used in transportation, especially light duty and smaller vehicles.
  • Jet A1 – used in the aviation industry.
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and butane – used in a range of applications, notably air conditioning, cooking, ceramics and glass production among others.
  • Heavy fuel oil (HFO) – used in industries that operate HFO fired boilers and/or furnaces, as well as in some ships.
  • Kerosene, both industrial and domestic.
  • Bitumen – mainly used in road construction

Inspection and maintenance

The company has equipment and an experienced team of personnel and offers services

in the fields of metal inspection and plant maintenance.

The company has the following functional workshops:

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Instruments


Indeni Energy Company is venturing into Biodiesel - fossil diesel blending through partnerships with Biodiesel producers. Biodiesel is a renewable biodegradable fuel produced from vegetable oils or animal fats; it is blended with fossil diesel in specified proportions as Blended Diesel. This initiative is in line with the Government of the Republic of Zambia policy to support the development of renewable Biofuels for fuel blending with the aim of attaining cleaner fuels, reducing emissions from fuels, security of supply, value addition to agricultural fuel crops, increased crop productivity, employment in agricultural (out-grower schemes) and industrial (biofuel manufacturing) sectors, and import substitution.

INDENI Energy Company leverages on its expertise in fuel processing and blending to provide Biodiesel and Blended Diesel storage, blending and off/loading facilities while continuing in providing internationally accepted Quality assurance services through its ISO-17025 Certified, State of the art Chemical Laboratory. The Blended Diesel is guaranteed to meet the fuel quality requirements as specified in the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) Biodiesel and Blended Diesel Standards for B-5 and B10.


INDENI is currently sitting on a total of 42 tanks translating into 155,350 m³ bulk storage capacity for different petroleum products. It is worth noting that INDENI has the largest inland storage capacity in the country on one site and, boasts of 77,900 m³ and 20,400 m³ diesel and petrol respectively. In addition, INDENI has 44,500m³ storage capacity for Heavy fuel oil (HFO).

Further INDENI Energy has storage facilities for other products that include Bitumen, Kerosene, JET A 1 and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Weighbridge and metering facilities

Quantity of the products loaded is assured through the use of the weighbridge facilities that are there on site at the organization. The weighbridges are certified by Zambia Metrology Agency.


INDENI Energy has an Integrated Management System (IMS) that looks at the management of Health, Safety, Security, Environmental, Quality, Social and Governance (HSSEQSG) aspects of the business. All its activities are organized and managed through the IMS which covers HSSEQSG and loss control which takes measures to prevent or reduce business losses arising from accidents, injury, illness and property damage.

SHEQ Governance Strategy

IMS is driven by Management and all employees are fully committed to its implementation. All its activities are organized and managed through the IMS which covers HSSEQSG and loss control which takes measures to prevent or reduce business losses arising from accidents, injury, illness and property damage.


Indeni has a robust health policy. Under this policy it runs an onsite clinic which offers various health services to employees on site as well as emergency health care intervention in case of accidents and injuries. The Clinic has well trained and certified health personnel in its service who have significant experience in providing health care. In addition, INDENI has a Health and Wellness Policy which promotes physical fitness and well-being.


Indeni is committed to ensuring the safety of all its employees, equipment and the environment.

The company strives to comply with all safety laws, regulations and applicable by-laws obtaining in Zambia and internationally. Safety management is site owner driven and is applicable to onsite / offsite facilities. Operations are conducted in a manner in which potential risks are identified in advance and are eliminated or minimized. To enhance safety assurance INDENI adheres to the permit to work procedure and the Emergency Preparedness procedure which outlines responsibilities and steps to be taken in case of an emergency.

All employees (Operators, firefighting personnel and administrative personnel) are trained in emergency procedures on engagement and refresher courses are conducted at regular intervals.

Indeni has a fully-fledged fire station with skilled personnel with knowledge and expertise in firefighting always available on site. The fire station is operational 24 hours a day.


INDENI believes in a Safe and secure working environment with clearly displayed safety warning signs, instructions and procedures where necessary.

INDENI also pays particular attention to issues of cybersecurity and access control.


INDENI’s approach to conservation of the environment is to ensure protection of the environment as well as to lessen impact locally and globally by conserving natural resources

such as water, optimizing the consumption of materials, recycling, reducing waste and

reducing the use of toxic materials and materials that promote environmental degradation whenever practicable.

The company is vigilant in its compliance with the Environmental Management Act as well as in its application of the principles therein as it carries out its day to day operations.

The company also promotes the use of LPG and butane for clean cooking and for mitigation of deforestation.


INDENI prides itself with a high quality management system which follows strict laid down procedures that ensures that each process is followed, monitored and, corrective and preventive action instituted whenever deviations arise.

The quality management system ensures that procedures relating to control of records, documents and non-conforming products are implemented and adhered to. The quality management system is monitored by the internal audit procedure that guarantees quality of the processes and products.

INDENI’s quality management system includes continuous planning and development of its processes and methods of quality management. INDENI ensures compliance with legal requirements with regards to standards and quality.

INDENI has an ISO 17025 certified laboratory with Samplers and Analysts that are trained as per best international practices.