• Professional competence - We shall seek to maintain a culture of professional competence in the execution of our tasks. We shall promote initiative in solving challenges and, shall make every effort to deliver on promises and maintain good relations with our customers.
  • Respect - We shall seek to maintain a culture of respect for our customers, staff and other stakeholders; we shall endeavour to be reliable and provide good quality service to our clients.
  • Integrity - We shall seek to adhere to all professional and company ethics and statutory obligations. We shall seek to be transparent and accountable in our dealings with all our stakeholders.
  • Continuous development - We shall maintain a culture of learning and knowledge sharing and shall actively participate in all developmental efforts in our areas of responsibility.
  • Equity - We shall seek to understand our Company’s policies, processes and procedures. We shall treat all our stakeholders equitably and consistently.
  • Teamwork - We shall promote the sharing of knowledge and resources and assist others who need assistance. We shall continuously seek ways of enhancing teamwork.


VISION To be the leading bulk procurer and distributor of petroleum products in the sub-region.


To safely, efficiently and effectively procure and distribute bulk petroleum products