INDENI strives to be socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders and the public through Corporate Social Investment (CSI). Its involvement is quite diverse, ranging from sponsoring various sports activities, health and wellness activities, educational programs, traditional ceremonies and community programs. Notable among CSI activities which have been undertaken include but are not limited to the following:

Community Services Sport

  • Construction of a mini Hospital with maternity ward complete with laboratory facilities in Ndeke.
  • Sponsorship of students with disabilities at Rehabilitation Centre in Hillcrest, Ndola.
  • Sponsorship of Copperbelt schools’ volleyball annual championship tournament.
  • Supporting various community initiatives on health and wellness in Ndeke, Kambowa, Fiwale Basic School, Ndola Teaching Hospital, St Anthony Children’s Village and Chichetekelo Hospice.
  • Sponsorship of various sporting activities which include the Football team currently in
  • Division 1 and INDENI Roses Women’s team who are the Champions for the Copperbelt Women’s League.
  • Sponsorship of other Sports disciplines such as Boxing, Darts, Tennis, Volleyball, Squash and Golf.

Names for attached men’s team:


Standing from left to right:


  1. Charles Kabwe
  2. Reuben Chansa
  3. Kaisi Kafula
  4. Titus Bwalya
  5. Ben Chishala
  6. Shadrick Malambo
  7. Jonathan Munalula
  8. Logic Chingandu
  9. Martin Phiri


Squatting from left to right

  1. Ken Phiri
  2. Mwila Kalumba
  3. Chishimba Changala
  4. Tonny Yayo Ngoma
  5. Samson Banda
  6. Steven Chisha
  7. Emmerson Kabwe
  8. Thomas Daka


Names for attached women’s team:


Standing from left to right:

  1. Rhoda Chileshe
  2. Luwi Muyoyi
  3. Natasha Kapombo
  4. Clara Chanda
  5. Grace Kamanga
  6. Zamiwe Mukokomena
  7. Sibongale Banda


Squatting from left to right

  1. Norin Betani
  2. Grace Mulaisho
  3. Thelma Phiri
  4. Esther Mukwasa