New INDENI Energy Company Limited Launched

The company obtained the license for bulk importation, storage and distribution of fuel with ERB in September 2022. A new company, INDENI Energy was forthwith launched on 11th of October, 2022.

The company projects to source about 30,000m3 and 15,000m3 Low Sulphur Diesel (LSD) and petrol respectively.

The New INDENI Energy Company plans to also venture into other sectors of the Economy, through investing in capital intensive projects to diversify its products and services.

For smooth transition into new business ventures, strategies have been developed for INDENI to achieve competitive edge in the Petroleum Industry.

  • The New INDENI will have presence in all provinces providing sustainable supply through an integrated supply chain.
  • The New INDENI will come with a Commercial Department that will promote bulk trade, retail and Lubricants business.

Some of the its Business Ventures includes:

  • Bulk Importation, storage, distribution and retail of petroleum products
  • Bio-fuel manufacturing and blending
  • Provision of Hospitality Services
  • Laboratory and Quality Control Services
  • Maintenance services Business

INDENI boasts of 154,661m3 storage capacity for all petroleum products including LPG, Bitumen, JetA1, HFO. This is the largest storage capacity in a   single location in Zambia, the storage capacity presents an opportunity for hospitality and also strategic storage of petroleum products for the nation

INDENI has an ISO 17025 certified laboratory equipped with state-of-the art equipment and competent personnel.

And comes with highly Specialized Personnel with vast expertise in the petroleum subsector.

Key Opportunities are being projected:

  • Potential Partnerships with Suppliers to venture into supplying finished petroleum products to DRC.
  • Prospective partnership to tap into supplying to large scale consumers.
  • Possible forward integration into the Retail market.
  • Potential business with transport and logistics companies, thereby creating employment.
  • The New INDENI Company Limited brings a wide range of business opportunities in the country and also creates employment through distribution Network transportation and running of the service station.

INDENI Energy Company Limited looks forward to transforming its business operations into viability with the help of its key stakeholders, Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and The Ministry of Energy (MoE), via creating an enabling environment for the identified business ventures and also through proffering policy direction and investment advice.