INDENI Energy has supplied diesel to its first batch of customers at its fuel terminal. INDENI Energy Company Limited, a bulk Oil Marketing Company that was launched in October, 2022 has officially opened gates to its fuel terminal to its customers. INDENI Energy loaded trucks of customers for diesel and more customers are lined up to load in the next days. The CEO, Mr. Evans Mauta, indicated that the number of customers interested to buy fuel from INDENI was swelling up steadily as the company was fortifying its fuel terminal operations and securing bigger volumes of finished petroleum products. He stated, INDENI Energy is aiming at further stabilizing fuel supply and security of finished petroleum products in the country, as the company fully remodels its business into bulk importation and distribution of finished products. He reiterated that that attaining security of supply of finished petroleum products was crucial in boosting economic activities and growth. He ended by saying the company will be steadily regaining its market share and bringing more stability in the petroleum subsector, which will be key to the projected economic growth.